In 2009 the U.S. Federal Reserve adopted a Zero Interest Rate Policy, or ZIRP. Since then, banks have paid savers no interest. I know how they feel. In the eight years I wrote this blog, the world showed no interest. Someone once said that we spend most of our lives wondering what the world thinks of us, only to discover at the end that it never actually paid any attention. Call it ZIRP for bloggers. That's OK. We live life locally, not globally. Someone else said a man can count the number of his true friends on one hand. It's true. Don't need a web site to keep in touch with friends. In-person is much better. Call it ZIRP for blogging. Blog closed on account of ZIRP. The web is for publishing. I expect to do some of that here in future. See also the home page for other content as may be.