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I ran across yet another great website offering factual information about the American debt and deficit problem.*

It is the Bipartisan Policy Center Buy Seroquel Without Prescription, , an organization that genuinely lives up to its name. The BPC's debt limit analysis page provides an overview, Seroquel australia, uk, us, usa, Seroquel cost, a list of links to various solve-it-yourself online tools, and a 38 slide summary, get Seroquel. Seroquel online cod, The summary examines the scenario in which Congress does not raise the debt limit before going into recess on August 5th. It relies on the Treasury Department's own Daily Statements showing receipts and disbursements, taking Seroquel. Seroquel used for, BPC's analysis estimates that the "X Date", when Treasury will lack sufficient funds to pay all of its bills, Seroquel without prescription, Seroquel images, will arrive between the 2nd and 9th of August. Treasury itself has consistently identified August 2nd.  The BPC analysis presumes there are no "silver bullets" to extend the X Date, i.e., no I.O.Us, selling government assets or gold, or challenging the Constitutionality of the debt ceiling law, Buy Seroquel Without Prescription.

Nobody really knows what will happen then, Seroquel over the counter. Seroquel use, There is no precedent; the Treasury has always paid every payment obligation on time and in full, even during the famous "shutdown" of 1995-96, Seroquel dangers. No prescription Seroquel online, The BPC report considers two alternative courses of action:

  1. Prioritize, meaning to continue meeting selected obligations but stopping payment to other, cheap Seroquel no rx, Seroquel samples, different ones. If that is not legally or politically feasible, Seroquel from canadian pharmacy, Purchase Seroquel online no prescription, then the only other alternative would be...

  2. Pay obligations in the order due, but only as money comes in.

Which would you do, Seroquel description. Buy Seroquel Without Prescription, If you prioritize, then you would pay some programs but not others. Buy cheap Seroquel no rx, If, instead of prioritizing, Seroquel forum, Seroquel without a prescription, the Treasury is forced to pay bills in the order due but only as the money comes in, then it gets even more interesting, canada, mexico, india. Seroquel coupon, On August 3rd it could pay about 1/2 of the Social Security benefits due... and nothing else at all, australia, uk, us, usa. Seroquel no rx, Want to visualize the effect of your own, favorite list of priorities, buy generic Seroquel. The BPC page gives you all the information you need to see how it adds up, Buy Seroquel Without Prescription. Purchase Seroquel, These are hard choices because there is no way to avoid harming people who depend on government payments. As the decider, Seroquel recreational, Where can i buy cheapest Seroquel online, you cannot prevent the pain; but only choose who will feel it most.

Actually, order Seroquel online overnight delivery no prescription, Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, everyone would feel it. Do the math, buy Seroquel without a prescription. Buy Seroquel Without Prescription, Holding the debt ceiling line would force an abrupt 40% cut in Federal expenditures. Seroquel from mexico, That spending, in turn, order Seroquel no prescription, Discount Seroquel, represents 25% of current economic activity. 25% times 40% equals a 10% cut in the nation's economic output for no reason except political willfulness, Seroquel pics.

Based on data from the U.S. Department of Commerce Bureau of Economic Analysis, since World War II only one calendar quarter has seen the U.S. economy shrink at an annual rate faster than that: the winter of 1958, Buy Seroquel Without Prescription. My guess is that if things get that bad again, even Tea Party stalwarts would seek urgently to raise the debt ceiling. But tragically by then, some avoidable but irreversible damage would likely have been done to the social and economic fabric of our nation.

A good friend of mine said it best recently. He did not mind that political zealots want to change government spending or tax policies. Buy Seroquel Without Prescription, His view is that they picked the wrong place to fight. They should wrangle within the normal appropriations and tax legislation process, not over the debt ceiling. It took time to build up the problem and it needs time to lower it back down. A sudden-death play like the one we're seeing now proposes a cure that could be worse than the disease.

*(At the time of writing, the Congress has not yet authorized the U.S. debt to rise above $14.294 trillion. Six days remained until August 2, 2011, when the Treasury Department predicted it would run out of money to pay all public obligations. No one knows what might happen then. For future reference, I resolve to leave this blog post as written with no edits after the fact.).

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